Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Business to Business (B2B)

Business Review If you or your company is looking for a better way to interact with people viewing your presentation, check out Lintelus.  It is designed to engage attendees and gives them the opportunity to interact with your presentation by...
Biz Report If you own a business there is a good chance you have experienced the headache that accompanies setting up a “card not present” payment portal. In other words, processing a credit card with just the number and no...
AppWatch Businesses benefit greatly from having the ability to track their products from beginning to the end. Frequentz, a global traceability solutions company, has developed a powerful technology that does just that. It’s called the Information Repository and Intelligence Server or...

Business to Consumer (B2C)


Tech Review TV programs can be overwhelmingly saturated ranging from reality TV to depressing news shows to ones that glorify sex and violence. If you are getting tired of these predictable shows and want to see...

Business Review Now, I think we all know women love their jewelry.  We also know it can be pretty expensive. But what’s worse is when someone pays a decent price for a piece and then...

FlightCar is ready to change the dynamics of airport car rental and parking in the world. Similar to Airbnb that brought the revolution of renting out empty rooms in your house to travelers and...
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