Wednesday, November 25, 2015

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By: Nick Gambino Uber has just announced a new service/feature which allows drivers to pick up riders on their way to a personal destination. Meaning if Uber drivers are on their way to pick up a sandwich from the deli,...
NewsWatch Review Every college student has to store their stuff, whether they’re going home for the summer or studying abroad. Well, the company Storganize makes that whole process a lot easier. It's hard enough being a college student having to balance...
Travel Report By: Andrew Tropeano The holiday season is upon us and we here at NewsWatch would like to offer our best travel tips so you can fly comfortably and in style.  Our team has scoured the internet and interviewed numerous travel...

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Space Lettuce

By: Nick Gambino It’s official – this health-kick of eating your vegetables has reached atmospheric heights, or in this case outer-atmospheric heights. On Monday, NASA astronauts on the International Space Station ate red romaine lettuce...
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Travel Report Since humans first stared up at the stars and wondered what they were, we've been obsessed with the idea of space travel.  On October 4, 1957, Russia sent Sputnik 1 satellite into space.  Then in...

Travel and Vacation Ever been to Coney Island?  Nathan’s Famous Hotdogs was born there in 1916 in a place some people call thtravele original birthplace of fun. It started as a nickel hot dog made...


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