PlusUs – Portable Phone Charging and Data Sharing | NewsWatch Review

With an overwhelming amount of new tech products follow an endless line of accessories to support them, making it difficult for many startups or new products to stand out.  However, an Australian brand, PlusUs, is succeeding in catching people’s attention with innovative and stylish products. Among them include LifeLink, LifeCard, and LifeShare.

LifeLink is the world’s thinnest USB charging cable that fits right in your wallet or on a key ring. It’s got an ultra portable charge and sync cable and it quite convenient.  LifeCard is an ultra-slim power bank that can power up your smartphone on the go. It’s about the size of 3 credit cards stacked on top of eachother but size is not reflective of its power in this case– depending on your device it can charge 50-80% of your phone and it has a built in cable. For an iPhone 5 it can charge up to 80%, iPhone 6 around 65% and and iPhone 6 plus charges around 40%. Conveniently you can also charge the device while you charge LifeCard. Lastly, LifeStar is a product that connects two android devices together so they can share power and data.  It is tangle free and very durable. The cord is made with a metal shield and double stitched materials. They come in all different styles and colors as well. The applications for the LifeStar are diverse and could be so useful in multiple different scenarios, such as sharing presentations with colleagues without using up your data or waiting on Wi-Fi or sharing photos with friends and family in a simple and quick way.

These are only a few examples of gadget accessories and portable designs PlusUs has to offer. One bonus in buying accessories from PlusUs is that with each purchase the company donates to a charitable project of the customer’s choice.

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