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Most people probably think that cocaine or heroine is one of the most abused drugs.  And while in some cases that might be true, amongst 12 to 13 year olds, it’s actually prescription pain killers. One of the reasons for this is the ease of access.  Parents with a prescription usually just leave their pills in a drawer or right on the counter. The iKeyp is an easy solution to this big problem.

This prescription drug safe is meant to keep your medication and other valuables safely locked up while at home or wherever you go. There’s a digital water-resistant keypad on the outside for you to enter your code when you want to open it. And the iKeyp itself is humidity resistant to keep the contents dry. You can also access the safe with the accompanying app. The app includes a feature where it will send you real-time security alerts whenever an incorrect code is entered or the safe is tampered with. You can also set up reminders so you’re alerted whenever it’s time to access the safe and take your medication and alerts you if you forget. And it installs easily and securely with the expandable wings. They simply apply pressure on the sides of the walls to stay in place making it perfect for a cabinet or drawer.

iKeyp is not just for your prescription bottles. You can use it for anything small that you need to keep locked away. What is great is that the iKeyp is so small that you can place it anywhere in your house to keep your things secure.

You can pre-order the iKeyp for as low as $99 on Indiegogo or head to ikeyp.com today.

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