SANO – Quality Kitchen Appliances | NewsWatch Review


Home appliances aren’t identical from one product to the next. Sure, advertising might tell you “this is the best blender” but once you try it out you might notice that it barely blends. SANO is a manufacturing and home appliances company dedicated to quality products.

Their line of appliances including blenders, juicers, and dehydrators were created to make sure your food and drink items retain the most nutrients possible. The Capsule S uses vacuum technology to prevent oxidation while blending. The result is a drink with minimal lost nutrients. The Capsule S comes in 5 colors: Carbon Gold, Sterling Silver, Pearl White, Space Black and Deep Blue to fit your kitchen’s decor. Their next product, the Mist Pro, is like something out of a Sci-Fi film. This little guy produces hydrogen enriched water in just 40 seconds. You see, free radicals can cause inflammation and disease. The Mist Pro works to eliminate these radicals from your water. The Torasano is a step up from the Mist Pro allowing for even higher hydrogen concentration levels resulting in a stronger immune system and increased metabolism.

To purchase any of these nutrient-preserving products from SANO visit their website at

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