Beyond the Void – Real-time Strategy Game with Online Battles | NewsWatch Review


Online gaming continues to grow with platforms that creative individuals can use to build a game from the bottom up independent of large gaming companies.

And so it goes with Beyond the Void. As a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) with RTS (real time strategic game) elements, you’ll battle against another player and are in control of one Mothership.

Created by a small team of game makers, Beyond the Void is a new real-time strategy and multiplayer online battle arena game backed by an initial coin offering and ethereum blockchain tokens.

This free-to-play game envisions a new gaming culture where players own the ecosystem as much as the developers.

Command the Mothership through an epic space war as you conquer planets and battle your opponent’s fleet. Motherships are the most powerful warships in the galaxy and each have their unique strengths and weaknesses. You can even customize your Mothership with skills and shape the map with event cards.

Your strategies are largely dependent on your choice of skills and event cards during the game draft.

Event cards work by shaping the world, changing the rules, or bringing content during the game. Prior to the match starting, you can select one or more event cards to play. Each card has an effect on the game and will change your experience and flow of the battlefield.

By building harvesters and managing your resources in real time, you’ll have a chance at defeating the enemy.

The game is entirely dependent on strategy, with no pay-to-win paradigm. It’s easy to learn, but hard to master, making this the perfect game to keep you engaged. Once you’re finished, you can sell back your game assets. You can also buy and sell your in-game items using Nexium tokens with no limit.

For more information on Beyond the Void or to download it for free, head to today.