Black Streak Kitchen App – Learn Healthy Recipes, Comic Book Style | NewsWatch Review


Do your interests range in creating a more health conscious world, but doing so through a fun and entertaining way? Are you looking for healthy recipes to experiment with and to replace perhaps every night dinners of fast food or takeout? Even better, do you wish to have your very own recipe comic book?

Over time, cooking has become more than a solo activity for one person in the house. Rather it’s become a family activity for mom, dad, and even the kids.

Now with Black Streak Kitchen, we’re seeing a complete shift in the way people engage in the art of cooking. In addition to learning cooking, you can learn nutrition, health, and wellness through comics and animation.

Black Streak Kitchen is a fun app that turns recipes into engaging comic books
while also allowing you access to animated nutrition videos and fun cooking music videos.

Educating kids, teens, and families, Black Streak Kitchen emphasizes the importance of healthy and delicious eating all while making it fun and entertaining. Black Streak Kitchen’s mission is to raise awareness on the importance of combining the right ingredients to create delicious meals.

The idea here is to teach the importance of healthy and delicious eating while making it fun and entertaining.

The comics are full-colored recipes complete with characters called the Black Streak Chefs and dialogue showing you how to properly cook the meal.

Each panel includes ingredients, techniques, and tips for every step along the way.
And the recipes are designed for any level or expertise, from beginners to more experienced cooks.

The app also features a culinary geography section complete with recipes from all over the world so you can widen your knowledge of food from around the world.

You can download Black Streak Kitchen for free in the Google Play or App Store or visit today.