Karnage Chronicles – An Immersive VR Experience | NewsWatch Review


Nordic Trolls is a company made up of long time gamers and developers who have several years of industry experience from titles like Age of Conan, Path of Exile, The Secret World, and more.

Their newest VR game, an action RPG called Karnage Chronicles, is an immersive experience you’re going to want to check out.

What would you do you if your world was under siege by unknown horrors and creatures capable of bending the Laws of Magic? Well I hope you’d fight because that’s what you’re going to be doing in Karnage Chronicles.

In this fantasy epic, where good and evil are shades of the same color, you play the part of a Murkwraith, tasked with defeating the enemies of the lands and bring order into the world.
You choose a class that will determine your weapons and play style.

As you progress through the game, you will continue to improve your character and prepare for the challenges ahead.

With stunning visuals and amazing depth you’ll never look at another RPG the same. You’ll battle unique monsters and employ action-focused VR combat that contain stunning visuals and a detailed world with rich lore. This game can support 1-4 player co-op which is coming during early access as well as online multiplayer.

The full version of Karnage Chronicles will feature two extra classes, additional content, additional RPG elements, game difficulty settings, a village hub hand-crafted Steam Trading Cards, and more.

You can download Karnage Chronicles on Steam today. It’s compatible with HTC Vive and will also be made available for Oculus and PlayStation VR. Make sure to visit karnagechronicles.com for more information.