cleanOZe – World’s First Unisex Razor | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

If you’re anything like me you spend about 3 hours a day grooming yourself before stepping foot in public. Just kidding. But honestly, we all have some primping to do before we go out.

cleanOZe is the world’s first unisex nasal safety razor to help you clean shave those hard to get to places. This means that you can avoid razor burn and ingrown hairs with this nifty gadget.

Designed with an ergonomic, grippy handle cleanOZe is easy to maneuver. The end of the shaver is perfectly sized to fit in your nose and the double blades on either side allow you to shave in any direction.

Features of cleanOZe:

  • Double sided blades – equipped with two blades to ensure a clean and even shave.
  • Safety blades – both blades contain a safety mesh that safeguards against cutting the nasal passages. Rest assured that you won’t cut yourself.
  • Moisturizing strip – helps to create a smooth and irritation-free shave.

You simply rinse, insert, rotate, and rinse again.

Now a chief concern of course when using a nasal razor is nasty cuts, irritation and being clinically safe.

The safety mesh on the blades safeguards you against cuts while the moisturizing strip will reduce irritation when wet. Even ENT surgeons agree there is nothing wrong with shaving nose hairs.

The cleanOZe clean shaves unsightly nose hairs in under 2 minutes and without the need for electric power, unlike trimmers. The twin safety blades safeguard against cuts and offers an effective grooming solution for your nose and other areas of the body with unwanted hair.

They’re currently running a Kickstarter campaign with a plan to launch later this year.
Kickstarter pledges will receive the product first before it even hits shelves. Future plans include different colors, a replaceable hea, and blades, as well as a travel case.

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