Rettach – Seamless Access to Email Attachments | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report

Every person that uses email for work knows the pain of organizing and storing attachments you’ve received.  Especially if you’re often on the go and need to access those attachments in a pinch.

Well, that’s where Rettach comes in.

This easy to use plugin works with your email provider – like Gmail or Outlook – to take any of your email attachments and seamlessly save and store them to your preferred storage account – like OneDrive, DropBox, or Google Drive.

Once implemented, Rettach automatically organizes attachments from past emails and will continue to sync from old to present, organizing your files based on any number of rules you’ve created. From there, you’re able to access all your attachments in the storage account you specified – pretty convenient if you ask me.

No more searching in past emails or needing a co-worker to resend something.

And signing up and implementing it is incredibly easy – it takes under a minute to get started, and the first month is completely free.

So, if you’re a busy professional and want to save time from constantly searching or organizing your email attachments, you need to check out Rettach by heading to today.