SpareHire – Hire Business Consultants on Demand | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Does your company have a project coming up that requires an extra set of hands or expertise you don’t have in the house?  What if you need to start staffing up for a new product launch? If you do, how do you go about finding quality talent for an hourly or temporary position?

That’s where SpareHire comes in. SpareHire is a platform with a pool of 4,000+ highly vetted business consultants that you can hire on demand. Looking for someone to help with your company’s new digital media campaign? Or need extra help around tax season? They have candidates for any business role you may need, from CFOs to strategy consultants.

To start, just head to, post your job, and you’ll start receiving interest from high-end business professionals. You can then compare the candidates and message them directly to schedule a time to speak. Hiring, managing and paying your worker is all handled through the platform. Best of all? Posting a job and reviewing the applicants is completely free for your company. The only cost is if you bring that person on and it’s much cheaper and faster than using a recruiter.

The benefit to SpareHire is hiring top talent via flexible hourly contracts, to bring them on full-time.

For contract, SpareHire provides flexible hourly relationships, structured as need and with rates from $50-$200/hour, 50% less than consulting and staffing firms.

For full-time, top candidates are available on-site in local geographies at a 75%+ discount to traditional recruiters’ fees. All applicants for full-time roles are vetted by the SpareHire team in order to ensure quality and fit.

Whether you’re looking for professionals with strategy, finance, marketing, or IT experience, SpareHire has you covered.  If you’d like to learn more, head to today.