There is probably no person who has never downloaded a file from the Internet. We are used to downloading files directly from a server. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to find and download some pieces of content this way. And there can be different reasons for that. For example, a file can be extremely large to be stored as a single unit on a server; therefore, it can be downloaded by several users simultaneously impacting a download speed. In this case, in order for multiple users to download anything simultaneously at high speed, the torrent has been “invented.” Through this service, you can virtually download/ upload any file, sharing torrent information provided by users themselves. Every day, with the help of this service, millions of people around the world are sharing files with each other.


The main feature of the service is that a large file is “broken” into small data packages distributed by other computers on the network. Even if you have not downloaded the entire file yet, you can already distribute a part of it. Due to a large number of computers on the network, the download speed of the file is very high and cannot be decreased by an army of downloaders. No surprise that this kind of services is quite popular. If you want to find a good platform for torrenting, we advise you to check and select one of the options offered there.

Advantages of Torrenting

Apart from the above unique features, torrenting has many other advantages one can benefit from:

  • It is free of charge;
  • No need to wait and see the ads;
  • High download speed;
  • You can pause or continue a file download;
  • It is possible to download several files simultaneously.

It is also necessary to keep in mind legal issues like copyright. Considering this aspect, the service of torrenting is also beneficial for users. There are absolutely no restrictions to what files can be uploaded/ downloaded.


How Is the Tracking Information Exchanged?

First of all, a program creates a torrent file. For this, you need to specify the desired file on the computer you want to distribute, and the program automatically creates a torrent file with the .torrent extension. Afterwards, a user registers on a platform and sets out this torrent file. Naturally, this should be done in a category that matches the contents of the file. Then you need to accompany the upload with brief information about it: the size, subject, format, screenshots, description, etc.

As a user, you find the material you need and download the torrent file. For downloading torrents, most trackers no longer oblige users to register, but on some resources, it is still necessary. Then you should open a downloaded torrent file on your computer and “synchronize” it with your machine. Once the operation is complete, the file is fully downloaded to your PC.