BOTY – Connect to Other People at the Bar | NewsWatch Review


When you’re looking to relax and socialize with others, what is the one place you can always go? The bar, right? As a central meeting ground, local bars act as a great way to unwind, connect with friends and meet new people.

BOTY is an exciting, fun, and interactive application that allows you to connect with other people at the bar. I don’t know if you noticed it or not, but everyone has a phone these days. Shocker. Instead of just developing another app that has you staring at your screen like an antisocial zombie, Boty uses the same social media technology that we love to promote face to face interactions.

You can play trivia against others, view bar feeds and check-ins, rate and follow bartenders and even flirt with others in the same bar. One feature to check out the Bar Challenge, a self-guided bar crawl and scavenger hunt using the mobile app. Solve clues and complete challenges as you tour the best bars in the city.

So, head out to your favorite watering hole, order a drink and fire up the BOTY app for a wicked good time.

Download the free app in the App or Google Play Store today.