Modius – Wearable Tech to Help the Body Lose Weight | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

We’ve covered wearable tech here on the show, but now it’s time to highlight something a little different. We’re talking about careable tech.

Instead of just something that tracks, this is something you wear that does something for you. Modius [pronunciation: moh-dee-us] is a headset created by two neurologists that stimulates the part of the brain associated with metabolism and fat storage.

By generating a low-level electrical pulse that is interpreted by the brain as a signal to become leaner, Modius gets the body to work on decreasing weight. The hypothalamus controls appetite.

Feedback suggests more hunger pangs and near starvation while you’re trying to lose weight. With the body kicked into gear and doing what it’s supposed to, users usually see results in a matter of weeks. It’s recommended that you wear the headset for an hour a day at a comfortable setting.

The idea is to relax and let it do its job without needing to stress.

With cutting-edge technology researched and tested by professionals with years of neurological experience, it’s no wonder that thousands of people are wearing this innovative headset.

You can purchase Modius at