You know what’s odious about academic papers?

You sweat over research and writing them for weeks, and then… hear nothing but fraud charges from your professor. It stinks, right?

But don’t hurry up to blame teachers: plagiarism is a burning issue in academia, as students make no bones of copy-pasting online sources, claiming someone else’s writings as their own, or even pay to essay mills for complete assignments. So, what is left for professors to do? They scan your writings with sophisticated tools to see if your work is cool and if you thrive on avoiding plagiarism in your copies.

And you know what?

You need such a tool, too!

Imagine yourself writing a movie review. You give arguments and demonstrate your knowledge as well as academic skills on the topic. You don’t plagiarize anyone, do you?

But there’s a catch:

Someone might have already used the same idea, words, and flow in their published reviews! It’s the case when you morph into a plagiarist without even trying. Yes, s**t (read: accidental plagiarism) happens, and a professional plagiarism checker could help you get out of the rain. is the champion among plagiarism checkers that will protect you from accidental duplications and accusations.

Why is it best?

  • It saves your money, providing the unlimited text length to check and no monthly fee to pay.
  • It saves your time, checking texts for all plagiarism types, including poor paraphrase, overused synonymization, and wrong referencing within three minutes.
  • It allows you to see your work as viewed by teachers: professors choose too, so they’ll see the same result as you.
  • It defends you from accusations, providing a detailed PDF report on your writing to prove its originality.
  • Its algorithms are so smart that they see all hidden symbols and Latin to Cyrillic letters substitutions in your texts. (Okay, this feature is more for educators so they could disclose even the savviest cheaters and thus prevent plagiarism in academia.)

And now comes the magic:

While professors scan your academic works for plagiarism and poor referencing, you can not only check them for duplications before submission but also see if anyone else has stolen your published writings. More than that, you’ll avoid self-plagiarism in this way.

In the world of free access to online content and its publishing, copyright infringements take place at every turn. That’s why journalists, bloggers, digital marketers, and everyone working with texts choose to escape copyright issues and protect writings against plagiarism. is download-free, user-friendly, and inviting to the eye. Still in doubt if this tool is the only professional plagiarism checker you need? Don’t be like that! Once you try, the profits don’t expire.