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Building direct relationships with consumers is a vital cornerstone to a company’s success.

Unfortunately, brands tend to rely on third-party channels like Facebook to foster these relationships.

With constantly changing algorithms and privacy issues, brands aren’t afforded complete control of these relationships. And few CRMs allow for back and forth dialogue where a customer feels like they’re being heard.

Social Media Link aims to solve this problem and devotes its service to harness the power of community for your brand.

As a leading consumer engagement and activation company, Social Media Link creates next-gen marketing technology that allows brands to inspire meaningful stories and build lasting consumer connections. Brands need a home-base to foster multi-way relationships with consumers, generating consumer loyalty and advocacy for brands.

Social Media Link is the leading consumer engagement and activation company to drive 1:1 relationships at scale for purposeful interaction and streamlined activation.

Social Media Link offers this through 3 different solutions. Vesta offers a way to create a customized online brand community to spark authentic dialogue and drive loyalty. Its efforts are to create a welcoming hub for the people who love your brand and enable effortless interaction to inspire advocacy, capture insights and drive loyalty at scale.

Smiley360 activates a group of trendsetters from Social Media Link’s community of nearly 1 million consumer influencers to create content on behalf of the brand. This deploys relevant consumer influencers culled from Social Media Link’s Smiley360 and amplifies your brand via user-generated content, recommendations, and reviews.

And then there’s a research solution, SightPoint, which offers the ability to make quick strategic decisions based on reliable research from respondents for a fraction of the cost. With this, you can make better decisions and quick strategic pivots with immediate access to on-target respondents for reputable research that won’t break the bank.

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