33 Numbers – Play for Money with No Risk | NewsWatch Review


Everyone’s playing games on their phones, so why not play a game where you can win real money instantly?

33 Numbers is an exciting mobile game where you can win actual cash jackpots any day at any time. And what makes it even sweeter is it won’t cost you a cent. The app is completely free with no paid version available and no in-app purchases.

It’s not gambling – it’s playing for money with no risk to yourself. The game itself is easy to learn and fun to play. The object is to fill in a game board of 33 spaces with numbers between 1 and 1,000 in ascending numerical order. The numbers appear randomly on a digital tile each time you press the spin button. You then decide where you want to place the tile.

The open spaces available become fewer and fewer as the game progresses. If you fill them all, you win the Super Jackpot! There are multiple opportunities to win cash jackpots, including the Super Jackpot worth thousands of dollars, the Daily High Score Jackpot paid out every single day, the Global High Score Jackpot, and the 30+ Jackpot for any score 30 or over.

You can download this free and addictive game in the Google Play or App Store today.