Directorpoint – Helping Organizations Stay More Efficient Through Collaboration and Communication | NewsWatch Review

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A board of directors relies on efficient organization and the easy flow of communication between all members. With the ability to connect like never before, we’ve found a collaboration software with that in mind.

This software is Directorpoint.

A lot of people view Directorpoint as a paperless meeting software. And while that’s a part of what they offer, it’s much more than that. It’s an engagement tool; it’s a collaboration tool.

Everything that you need to know how your organization is doing and how its been doing overtime to make the best decisions going forward is accessible through this app. Their system can handle an unlimited number of users and have clients with over 800 users logging into the system at any time.

The value proposition for Directorpoint remains in four key areas.

1) Helping organizations save money. They’re typically spending a lot of time, and effort, and material costs on antiquated processes. So, they’re able to help organizations have a positive return on their investment with their software very quickly.

2) Improve processes as well as eliminate waste and rework. So, administrators can compress what’s previously taken them six hours into one hour or less.

3) The use of engagement tools so it helps board members collaborate amongst themselves and therefore make better decisions.

4) Enhancement in security. So, it gives you an extra layer of control around the information that you’re sharing with your board and it’s typically sensitive information. And so, when we have encryption with our app, it’s certainly more secure than paper and email.

Directorpoint provides an endless array of invaluable tools to keep all board members informed and working toward the same goals.

You can download the Directorpoint app on the iPad in the App Store today.