TimeSpring – Schedule Photos, Videos, and Sentiment for Loved Ones in the Future | NewsWatch Review


Nostalgia is a common feeling and when it comes to your children, you’ve probably thought once or twice, “I have to show them this when they’re older.” TimeSpring’s time-released messages will give your memories a whole life of their own.

Using time-released messaging, TimeSpring enables you to schedule photos, videos, and sentiment for loved ones at future dates and even years into the future. Here’s how it works: Add family, friends, and children to your TimeSpring wheel.

Send a time-released message when you want to:

  • Stop hoarding photos and videos on your phone for fear of forgetting or losing memories
  • Share memories with kids who are not old enough to understand
  • Stay connected with friends and family
  • Send a message to your future self
  • Separate your favorite photos from all of your photos
  • Surprise someone special
  • Pass down memories to future generations
  • Save video in a meaningful way

To create an account for children too young for email, just leave the email empty; you can go back to edit profiles and messages at any time.

Fill your TimeSpring wheel, and you’re ready to start scheduling messages. Simply, select a recipient, compose a message, attach a photo or video, and schedule the date to be unlocked. Parents can connect with children as they mature. Grandparents and people terminally ill can share stories and wisdom beyond their years. Or send messages to your future self by using the send-to-self feature.

You can download the free TimeSpring app in the App Store or head over to timespring.com.