Ronin 2 by DJI | NewsWatch Review

We took to the streets of D.C. to try out the new Ronin 2 by DJI  for ourselves and captured some moves by dancer, Alena Smith.

The DJI Ronin 2 assists filmmakers by capturing the scene they see in their mind. It’s upgraded with high torque motors to allow it to support a wider range of cameras, resist high winds and G-forces caused when mounted to a car and keep it moving smoothly in flight.

Regarding versatility, the newly designed detachable Grip allows Ronin 2 to stand up on its own and is easily separate when the lower part of the hand grip is not needed. It’s also compatible with cable cams, drones, cranes, Steadicams, and more.

And simply put, it’s easy. The simplicity of the Ronin has been enhanced with Ronin 2, making setup and use easier than ever. From mounting cameras to balancing and tuning, powering accessories and transportation has been refined for ease and speed.

Its improved intelligence means filmmakers can get shots with Ronin 2 that would once have required a specialist or additional equipment.

With Ronin 2’s tight integration system, it’s capable of power in its motors and the attached camera and accessories without dangling cables or multiple power systems. It also uses a dual battery system so filmmakers can hot swap to keep the camera and accessories powered and maximize shooting time.

Last but not least, Ronin 2 proves reliables as that is what it’s designed to do. From materials to the splash-proof enclosed motor design, cable management, and redundancy, it creates a system that shines in the most demanding of shooting environments.

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