OhmniLabs – Dial-in Remotely from Anywhere in the World | NewsWatch Review

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What do you do when your child comes down with a cold and misses school?  The answer is simple, you take care of them so they’re back in the classroom as soon as possible.  But what do you do if that cold turns into something more serious and they’re suddenly missing extended time?  How do you make sure they don’t fall behind in their studies? Well, believe it or not, the answer can be found in the growing field of robotics. And that’s where a Silicon Valley-based startup named OhmniLabs comes in.

So Ohmni is a robot that allows users to dial-in remotely from anywhere in the world, a thousand miles away even, over the internet.  And then the user can drive around and have two-way video and audio communication with the people in that environment – just like they’re there. It’s like the closest to being at some place in person.

So there are two ways that Ohmni is being used in the education sectors. One is to allow students with serious illness or injury to attend classes just like normal, every day. The other way is to allow students to do research and to learn about robotics development.

What makes Ohmni unique and different to any other technology is that it will allow a student with serious illness or injury dial-in remotely and he or she can drive the robot around, go to classes, hang out with their friends, ask questions to their teachers – just like they are present at school.

Ohmni is more than just a robot, it’s a communication solution for all walks of life.  To learn more about Ohmni or to purchase one today, head to OhmniLabs.com.