What Student Entrepreneurs Should Consider

Taking care of bills while still on campus can be a challenging activity that requires the student to think of other ways of making money other than depending on their parents. The student entrepreneurs should thus consider money-making activities that would not lead to the wastage of their study time. Also, such activities should not have a negative impact on the lives of the other students such as selling drugs. Therefore, there are plenty of new business ideas available in the campus vicinity that a student can utilize to make extra money.

Inspiring Business Ideas to Start At University

Computer Repair

A large percentage of the students in campus own computers. Therefore, given the fact that they are prone to malfunctions, starting a computer repair business would be a guarantee that the student will make extra money. However, the idea requires the student to have a lot of knowledge about computers so that they can be able to do the repairs hence maximizing profits. On the hand, they can also choose to employ other students who have the necessary knowledge and end up earning from the same.


Freelancing involves the act of writing essays and projects on behalf of other learners for money. It can be done online or at one-on-one level within the campus. There are plenty of companies that enable students to order essay writing services. Therefore, a student can sign up on such companies as a tutor and write essays for money. The best part of this business idea is that it does not require any capital to start. All that is required is for the student to have good critical thinking and writing skill to be able to come up with quality essays. Good quality essays are the key marketing strategy because the student will get referrals from other clients that they have worked for. One can also specialize in writing CVs, proofreading, and editing essays.

T-shirt printing

In addition, other small business ideas such as printing T-shirts can create a good fortune for a university student.  The best part of this idea is that there will always be business due to the demand created by the various social groups within the campus. During the group activities, the members opt to wear similar T-shirts with a print that shows the name of the group. Therefore, it is good to highjack the job instead of letting the students to have their T-shirts printed off-campus. Individuals can also want printed T-shirts and, therefore, the market share for this kind of business is huge.


Web designing and the creation of applications is another sector that would earn a campus student some extra money to take care of their bills. All that the student needs to do is to learn how to create a website using WordPress. The best part about this is that the client can do most of the editing once you have given them the website. Hence, it is not an involving task, and many students can learn how to make a fortune from it. The creation of applications would require much effort before one can come up with an application that can sell.

DJ Services

A notable percentage of campus students love to party especially during the weekends. Therefore, being a DJ is a guarantee that you will make money. Ensure that you target weddings, business events and anniversaries as well as to make a fortune. In addition, create a brand through aggressive advertising within the campus by the use of flyers and word of mouth spread by friends. Soon enough, you will be making a fortune out of this business idea. Also, it does not require a lot of capital to begin.

Online video

Online videos have become a great way of making money all over the world. A student can decide to record tutorials of carrying out the common activities on campus. The best platform to sell such videos on YouTube. Therefore, all you need to invest in is a good camera and opening a YouTube channel. A good idea that would attract a lot of views is hot to do business while still on campus. You can also sell the videos on a face to face encounter with other students within the campus by offering presentations to train on money making activities.

Just because it’s realistic, doesn’t make it easy.

However, the above business ideas can seem like a quick money making solution for the campus students, but they are not actually easy to pull out. A student has limited time that they have to balance between their studies and extra curriculum activities. Hence, it can be challenging to get enough time for running a business. As well, being unavailable throughout can bring a negative impact on the business because clients need someone that they can rely on at any given time. Some of the ideas require a lot of capital that the student might not have. Similar to other businesses in the outside world, the campus businesses can fail hence resulting in huge losses.

Concisely, the startup ideas require a lot of planning so that the student can be able to manage their time wisely and also earn sufficient funds from the business. The student should choose the business idea that best fits their schedule and capital. In turn, this would be a guarantee that they will make extra coins.