Krisp – Taking the Background Noise Out of Your Conversation | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report

Every year we see huge advancements in cell phone technology, but one thing no one is solving is the issue of background noise. Picture this: you’re on an important business call outside and suddenly a baby starts crying or a fire truck rolls by and your entire conversation is hijacked.

Well, there’s a solution to this very real problem. It’s called Krisp. Krisp is an app that uses machine learning algorithms to distinguish your voice from background noise. In doing that it completely mutes background noise like talking, crinkling, wind, and passing sirens.

Your voice comes across clear and crisp. Hence, the name. Even more, it not only mutes the noise going from your background to call participants but also mutes the background noise coming from participants to you.

Now Krisp is always learning, so the more you use it and allow it to become familiar with your voice, the better it gets. This is the perfect app for those professionals who are always on the move and need to hold uninterrupted conference calls and other meetings. It even comes in handy when you’re faced with a bad network connection by filling in your choppy voice as it starts to break up.

This free app works with any conferencing or messing app, allowing you to take calls from anywhere.

You can download Krisp for free on your mobile device or laptop.