LOCI – Empowering Inventors to Search, Analyze, and Monetize Ideas | NewsWatch Review

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LOCI’s web applications are disrupting the global patent system and unlocking innovation by using blockchain technology to empower aspiring inventors to search, analyze, protect, and monetize their ideas without requiring them to first seek a prohibitively expensive and time-consuming patent.

Let’s say an inventor has an idea but can’t afford to run a professional patent search which often costs 2 grand or more. He or she goes to LOCISearch.com and inputs their idea to find out if it’s unique. They then use LOCI’s Invention Analysis to tweak his idea until it achieves an optimal LOCI Score, demonstrating that the idea is unique and likely patentable.

LOCI’s legal team then helps him file a Patent application as well as stake his idea on the Ethereum Blockchain. The idea can then be listed and sold on the LOCI Marketplace, without the inventor ever having to spend the massive amount of time and energy traditionally required to get a full patent.

LOCI has essentially built a marketplace for ideas. You might be solving someone’s problem without even knowing it!  Come analyze and monetize your idea on LociSearch.com.

Visit LOCI.IO to learn more today.