Pirate Kings – Climb Aboard a Pirate Adventure | NewsWatch Review


Are you looking for your next mobile addiction?

Look no further than Playkita’s Pirate Kings. Come aboard this pirate adventure to build an island and become a pirate king.

You start by spinning the wheel to try to win gold coins, more spins, and defense shields. But if you happen to land on an attack, get ready to battle. You attack by launching a cannonball at other players’ islands to collect their gold coins and add to your booty. Or you can steal and simply take coins from your friends’ loots.

With all your winnings, you’ll want to swipe over to your island and deck it out. You can add palm trees, treasures, and a fleet of ships that would make even Blackbeard proud. The more you play and the more gold coins you collect, the more islands you can claim and the more pirates you can add to your crew.

You can play in regular mode but multiplayer is where you’ll have the most fun. With the maritime fun theme and beautiful graphics, this is a game that you won’t want to put down.

Set sail today by searching for Pirate Kings in the App and Google Play Store today.