Spark – Create Your Very Own Universe | NewsWatch Review


Let me ask you a question – if you were a god, how would you shape the universe and all it contains?

Well, you can answer that question with the mobile game Spark. Spark is an idle, incremental game that allows you to partake in the creation of the universe. In this wildly addictive game, you take on the role of a Spark of Life that suddenly pops into existence and begins blindly accumulating matter into itself to grow its influence over the vast Cosmos.

You’ll work to gather the raw materials around you to build and guide evolution. Like most classic idle games Spark consists mainly of buttons, progress bars, and timers. Tap the Matter button to begin amassing your influence. When you’re ready, simply swipe left to begin evolving.

While the concept is simple, you’ll quickly find that racking up your score to unimaginable numbers is incredibly addictive. Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to unlock permanent upgrades including additional resources and auto-incrementing when you’re away from the game.

So if you’re looking to relax for a few minutes or even a few hours, Spark is the perfect meditative experience for you.

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