Game of Phones – Ice-Breaking Card Game with a Touch of Your Phone | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

We all know people who are attached to their phones, right?

Well, if you also love a good game, you need to check out this card game where no one has to put their phones away – everyone is talking about it. It’s called Game of Phones and it’s super fun to play with family or friends – here’s how it works.

Everyone grabs their phone. You start with one judge who picks a card. Each player has 60 seconds to respond to the card with the funniest, most on point or downright weird thing they can find on their phone. They can search the internet or find something already in their photos or apps. If the judge picks your response, you win that round! You’ll have to respond to cards like “Find the best selfie” or “Take an extreme close-up picture” or “Best text from a family member.”

Sometimes you’ll be given a task like “Video call anyone in your contacts. First to connect wins.” With over 100 cards and the whole internet and the contents of your phone at your fingertips, Game of Phones is a wild and fun ride.

Be prepared to have a blast d and find out some surprising things about other players!

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