Jamstack – First Attachable Guitar Amplifier | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report

With Bluetooth technology, musicians are finding new and exciting ways to amplify their music for crisp and dynamic sound. One product that hit our radar recently was too cool not to share.

Jamstack is the world’s first attachable guitar amplifier. It takes seconds to attach and start using with any electric guitar.

You can use it as a standard amplifier or plug it directly into your smartphone for some awesome effects available through the app. With convenient access to your smartphone, switching between effects is as easy as tapping on your screen.

The Bypass button allows you to play even without your phone. With Bluetooth mode, it also functions as a standalone premium Bluetooth speaker. The Jamstack packs in 10 watts of power and two ultra-premium 1.5-inch drivers. This bad boy is built for the road with polycarbonate reinforced plastic allowing you to bring it anywhere.

The mount is made of soft polymer so you don’t have to worry about it damaging your prized guitar. The Jamstack holds 8 hours of battery life allowing it to withstand long jam sessions and concerts that go all night. With its convenience and versatility, Jamstack might just be your new favorite toy.

To purchase one head on over to jamstack.io.