TruckX – Logbook App for Truck Drivers | NewsWatch Review


Truck drivers are the backbone of this country’s transport and delivery industry. Driving big rigs from location to location, often over a great distance, can be pretty tiring.

Drivers can use all the help they can get to make things just a bit easier. That’s where TruckX comes in.

TruckX is a driver logbook app that works in tandem with a trucking ELD. This free FMCSA-compliant app allows you to manage your Hours of Service log right on your phone without the hassle of managing a paper log.

TruckX tracks it automatically through your ELD. Everything’s completely editable, allowing you to make necessary changes with ease. HOS alerts and notifications work offline if you encounter spotty service.

You can even print or view roadside inspections in spotty or offline mode or you can view your load schedule from within the app. The dispatcher can send it right to you, allowing them to match loads easily with truck schedules and get proof of delivery in seconds with load images.

The app was designed after talking to numerous truck drivers and owner operations, making sure the app was as easy to use as possible.

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