Apple launched iphone X pricing at USD 999 and set the bar higher. While Samsung with its Note 9 picked that bar bit higher with the price of USD 999.99 which were followed by Apple iPhone XS Max starting at USD 1,099. In order to buy either of above two phones people need to shrink their pocket by USD 1000 or try leasing by their local carrier or manufacturer to pay and get pain for your spread over 2 years.

Newspapers, blogs, reviews sites and tech journals are fully pregnant with applauding countenance features of these two revolutionary gadgets of smart phone industry. Because I write tech reviews and cool essays for the website here is the link, hence bought both cell phones to state genuine user experience.

Both iPhone Xs Max and Galaxy Note 9 are greatly intense cell phones with the present most noteworthy details, progressed double back cameras, battery life that will last you no less than multi day, and a size that pushes the points of confinement and requires two hands to serenely explore. While they may appear to be comparable on paper, they each have a somewhat extraordinary concentrate as well and you may come to lean toward one over the other like I have.

The two gadgets are extraordinary for business with expansive showcases, magnificent cameras, long battery life, and secure bolt alternatives. They likewise both have an IP68 residue and water safe rating with a huge case and frill advertise prepared to equip and ensure your new costly cell phone.

On the off chance that I had to pick only one, at that point it would be the Galaxy Note 9 as should be obvious beneath


Our 10 best cell phones rundown will be refreshed when we see what LG, Google, and Huawei need to report in the following couple of weeks. Until at that point, the Galaxy Note 9 lives at the highest priority on that rundown and it will take something uncommon to thump it from that spot.

The Galaxy Note 9 has been in my grasp now for over couple of months. Here are highlights of the Note 9 that settle on it a convincing decision for business:

I utilize the S Pen every day and as I get more established it turns out to be much more beneficial to enhancing my usability. A colleague simply moved from long periods of utilizing the iPhone to the Note 9 in the wake of giving mine a shot and seeing that Apple did not declare Pencil bolster for the iPhone XS Max. He is an inventive individual and adores to doodle and compose with a stylus/pen so he purchased the Note 9 basically for the S Pen usefulness. The S Pen is a genuine differentiator in the cell phone showcase.

Samsung DeX has been significantly enhanced the Note 9 and you can really utilize it as your telephone and PC with almost no bargain. A dock is never again required and when you plug in an outside screen a full desktop encounter shows up. The potential for DeX is enormous and keeping in mind that it may not be utilized much by customers, it bodes well for some, organizations hoping to keep up a safe domain with lower cost for IT administration.

Samsung incorporates an equipment catch to dispatch Bixby and in the event that you genuinely invest energy with it you may observe it to be very convincing thanks in huge part to Quick Commands. Bixby works with numerous outsider applications while Siri is frequently constrained to Apple’s very own applications and biological community.

Cell execution: In my encounters, Samsung cell phones accomplish more grounded gathering when contrasted straightforwardly with Apple iPhones. The most up to date iPhones at long last help Gigabit LTE and can coordinate the speed of Android telephones in solid flag zones, however there is something out of order in low flag regions. I’ve likewise experienced perfectly clear approaches Samsung telephones while some iPhone calls have been not exactly excellent.

Split Screen and Pop-up window support: I’ve altogether appreciated having a Google Maps or Netflix window demonstrating me bearings or playing a video while performing various tasks on the Note 9 and at first was somewhat dazed when Google Maps was covered up on the iPhone XS Max when I attempted to accomplish something unique. I additionally utilize the part screen choice on the Note 9 to utilize two applications one next to the other and was astonished to see that the iPhone XS Max doesn’t bolster these iPad-like capacities with its huge showcase.



Without precedent for some years, I kept the iPhone X close by and being used for a whole year. The iPhone for the most part exhausts me following a couple of months and I proceed onward to the following sparkling Android phone, however the iPhone X kept me energized for a long time. Following seven days utilizing the iPhone XS Max, I don’t know whether it is staying or on the off chance that I am staying with the minimal, stash well pocket friendly iPhone X.


The iPhone XS Max is an extraordinary innovative enhancement over the iPhone X. Here are a few motivations to pick the iPhone XS Max over the Note 9:


Quick programming updates: Apple takes the crown for keeping your gadget refreshed and giving opportune updates to years. On the off chance that you need to dependably make sure to have the most recent and most noteworthy programming on your telephone, Google’s Pixel line is the main other alternative that approaches Apple.


Siri: The handiness of Siri stepped forward with iOS12. I comprehend Siri Shortcuts could be as great, or better, than Bixby Quick Commands so stay tuned for a full article looking at these two propelled computerization choices.


Best display ever: Samsung may make the Super AMOLED screens utilized in the Apple iPhone XS Max, however Apple is additionally part of the procedure and they are Apple shows. Ongoing free test outcomes demonstrate that the iPhone XS Max show is the best showcase ever on a cell phone.


Shaking stereo speakers: The Note 9 has stereo speakers, however they can’t measure up to the high volume and extraordinary sounding sound that leaves the iPhone XS Max. It’s the best I’ve heard in a cell phone and makes you need to desert the earphones.


Speed and execution: iOS is a more upgraded working framework that can zip appropriate alongside lower specced equipment. iOS oversees applications in an unexpected way, however there is no denying that you can fly around on an iPhone effortlessly.

Usability: The fundamental iPhone interface hasn’t changed much in 10 years with the application launcher in that spot on the home screen. The iPhone is simpler to use than an Android telephone, in spite of the majority of the advances made in Android throughout the years.

On the off chance that you incline toward a specific working framework over the other, at that point it’s an unmistakable decision which is best for you. In any case, you might resemble my colleague and willing to switch your whole environment to get the element you like. It’s truly not hard to switch between the stages today with most everything matching up to cloud accounts. Which gadget do you incline toward?