Nielsen Auto Cloud – Equipping Auto Marketers To Reach Consumers More Effectively | NewsWatch Review

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Automotive marketers know they work in a crowded space. In fact, consumers see at least 60,000 ads on TV alone between car purchases. Nielsen’s Auto Cloud fueled by J.D. Power equips auto marketers with the latest car shopping and purchases data from Nielsen and J.D. Power to help them cut through the noise and reach consumers more effectively.

To date, auto marketers don’t have an end-to-end marketing and measurement solution. And they are dealing with a series of challenges, namely 1) distractions, people watching media content in a lot of different devices, different places and 2) attribution, the ability to have that platform to link outcomes AKA sales and finally personalization the ability to mesh that data give personalized ads to their consumers.

Nielsen developed a solution in the Nielsen Auto Cloud powered by J.D. Power to help auto brands stay ahead of the curve, cut through the clutter and deliver improved ROI. The Nielsen Auto Cloud starts with a strategic relationship between J.D. Power and Nielsen. Where J.D. Power brings the best of what it has an understanding of, who purchased a car and the best of what Nielsen has which is an understanding of consumers media habits.

Nielsen Auto Cloud’s always-on frequency management capabilities enable you to proactively measure and manage how often and which types of ads people see throughout the life of a campaign.

Nielsen Auto Cloud includes the following features:

  • Data management platform
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Audience-Based buying
  • Marketing ROI measurement
  • Ad ratings custom analytics

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