Although 2019 Black Friday might appear to be a long way off, the fact of the matter is that astute retailers are already looking ahead. This arises from the simple fact that it can take a great deal of time to implement massive marketing and e-commerce changes across the board. Let us also never forget that the world of online retail sales seems to reinvent itself every year. It therefore makes perfect sense to analyze and predict what consumers and sellers alike might encounter in the not-so-distant future. What could the 2019 experience entail and how can online businesses plan ahead for what awaits?

All About Self-Service Platforms and Automation

One trait which has served to define the online retail sector during recent years is the trend towards a greater degree of automation. Customers are expecting to have their needs met within incredibly short periods of time. They will otherwise choose to search for a more efficient sales platform.

However, we are not simply referring to traditional concepts of automation such as those commonly associated with sales and email marketing campaigns. The notion of automation has taken on a decidedly intuitive flavor. Some traits which we should expect to surface in the coming year include:

  • The increased prevalence of lifelike chatbots.
  • A greater use of AI in regards to automated client engagement.
  • Predictive marketing tactics to present customers with the most relevant offers.

While the ultimate goal of automation is to drive sales and increase revenue, it is also key for businesses that hope to retain loyal customers within a competitive marketplace.

Self-service architecture is the other side of the e-commerce coin. While this has already been witnessed to a large extent, its presence should be even more defined during the months leading up to 2019 Black Friday. Potential clients are extremely comfortable searching for products and services without interacting with human online representatives. This is partially the result of a greater Internet awareness as well as the fact that many consumers are looking to save time when making a purchase.

None of these trends should come as a surprise to anyone who is somewhat familiar with the online marketing sector. Still, they can be tricky to implement if the correct architecture is not put in place. How can the correct themes be adopted so that a specific demographic will be effectively targeted? Let us take a look at some top tips as well as why Shopify is the go-to portal for businesses hoping to experience a booming Black Friday.

Customized Themes for Your Unique Marketing Needs

Thematic concerns should always be addressed when tackling the concept of online retail marketing. Choosing the correct template must involve a handful of logical steps if you hope to resonate with your target audience. For example, it is recommended that the template in question matches the remaining portions of your website. This breeds a sense of uniformity and in return, customers will remain confident when making a purchase.

The best Shopify themes for your retail venture will also depend upon how they are implemented. For example, full-page banners can appear obtrusive to some visitors; resulting in their hesitance to further explore the website. Always try to keep it simple and straight to the point. Customers are not attracted to a great deal of clutter or “fluff”. They could very well look elsewhere for a similar service or product.

Another excellent suggestion is to utilise the associated Shopify themes as digital sandboxes when viewing your products. How will they appear to the end user? Are all images similarly sized? Do they exhibit the proper resolution? If you are unable to obtain high-quality images of your own products, it is best to browse through the selection offered by third-party retail suppliers such as Oberlo.

Finally, always take into account the devices which your customers are using to view the website. The chances are high that at least 50 percent are employing smartphones or tablets. This is why adopting mobile-friendly themes and templates is critical if you hope your pages to display correctly. The good news is that there are numerous Shopify designs to choose from which will satisfy this requirement.

It is likely that the 2019 retail sales year will directly correlate with a large number of consumers using the power of the Internet to purchase products. Possessing a user-friendly and appealing e-commerce template is therefore a critical concern. To be clear, this is only one segment of a much larger equation. It will also be necessary to appreciate the needs of your niche market, to encounter the most appealing products and to develop turnkey marketing campaigns. Still, a building strong e-commerce foundation is the best way to leverage the tools and talents at your disposal.