Mask Moments – New Skincare Routine Keeps Your Face Looking Young

Consumer Update

Proper skincare is a vital daily routine for anyone looking to maintain healthy and beautiful skin. From anti-aging creams to facial cleansers, there are endless products on the market to help rejuvenate your skin.

Face masks are a popular go-to solution for youthful skin. Usually when you hear mention of “face masks” you think of a process whereby you apply a product to your face that you then rinse off, but there’s a company that offers a different approach to masks.

Mask Moments offers a line of sheet masks that are like DIY facials for less than the price of a latte. When sheet masks first hit the market, they offered a more convenient solution that not only made skincare a cinch but created more rewarding results. From celebrities to professional make-up artists, one-time skin masks are fast becoming the go-to solution for face hydration and rejuvenation, since they plump and prep the skin for smooth make-up application. Beyond their immediate benefits, they also reduce the appearance of fine lines with regular use and one of the best routines you can do for anti-aging.

Mask Moments, ever determined to do things a little different, doesn’t use paper sheet masks. Instead, their masks are made of fermented coconut gel that is 10 times more absorbent and effective than a regular sheet mask. Each one is high in botanical antioxidants as well as skin-replenishing and skin-restoring ingredients. There are no artificial fragrances or harsh chemicals in any of their at-home masks.

Since they know regular use is so hard and no one has time to go get regular facials, they make it easy and convenient to stick to a regular routine with their subscription plans. Following in line with their model of convenience, these plans were designed to offer the highest quality for the lowest price. By cutting out the middleman and any unnecessary markups, Mask Moments was able to dramatically reduce the price of their plans bringing each mask to under $5. The masks will arrive at your doorstep according to your skincare schedule.

If subscriptions aren’t really your thing, no problem. They offer beauty mask plans that help you prepare for those special moments in your life. You can choose from non-subscription plans like It’s Your Birthday, Jetsetter, Like a Boss, Stress Melt or You Had Me at Hello (for when you’re going on that special date).

Of course, if you’re not sure if Mask Moments is right for you, you can always test them out with your first mask shipped for trial if you cover S&H.

Start your skincare regiment just in time to make your New Years’ resolution. Learn more about Mask Moments’ advanced hydrating sheet masks today.