Writers block

Knowing how to put your ideas into words is a skill that you will need to bank on throughout your life. Irrespective of your profession, you still have to know how to write down your ideas in a readable format.

Schools and colleges hone the writing skills of students by assigning essays. During your college years, it might feel redundant to waste time trying to write your own essays. With many websites offering custom essays for sale, many college students prefer to hire professionals to write their essays. However, you might choose to write your own essays to improve your writing skill. Blogging can also help you become a better writer.

Whether you are writing an essay, a blog or even an Instagram caption, a writer’s block can hit you at any time. A writer’s block is when you cannot string sentences together to put your great story ideas into words. If you quit your efforts in writing when you experience the block, you will never be able to improve your skills. The only way in which you can combat the block is by finding inspiration. There are many sources from which writing inspiration is drawn. Here are a few sources you can try out if you are facing a writer’s block:


Sleep is a rare resource in the life of a college student. With work, studies, and social life most college students barely get a few stolen hours of sleep during the week. The lack of sleep slows down the body and the mind. A well-rested mind has greater clarity of thought. Apart from being able to think clearly, you can find unexpected story ideas from your dreams. Samuel Taylor Coleridge found the inspiration to compose Kubla Khan from his dreams, and you can too try to find inspiration from your dreams.


Many musicians around the world have been inspired to write their songs based on literary pieces. You can do precisely the opposite. You can draw inspiration from the music you listen to. Music is an excellent way in which artists express themselves. By listening to music, you can get inspired from the message that the musician is trying to convey. The tunes also play a crucial role in calming the mind down so that you can channel your thoughts and battle the block.


Just like music, art is a form of creative expression from which your inspiration is drawn. Don McLean composed Vincent by basing the song on Vincent van Gough’s famous Starry Night painting. Paintings and art installations can be your muse. Go to your nearest art museum and spend some time among the frames on the wall.


Avid readers are usually good writers. By reading more books, you get the understanding of various forms and styles of writing. As you read books, you can get inspired by the author’s views and verbiage. While imitation is a form of flattery when drawing inspiration from literature make sure you are not plagiarising. You should always express your ideas in your own words and if you are borrowing the words of another writer give them the due credit.


Travel WritingA glimpse of the world is inspirational enough itself to get your pen moving, but this does not mean sitting at home and watching documentaries. A glimpse of the world means getting out into the world and traveling. As you travel, you will enjoy new experiences, new people, new culture, and new inspiration. You do not have to travel around the world to get inspired. Even if you take a short road trip, the change of setting is enough to give you a fresh perspective.


For many people, culinary art is a way of creative expression. Julie Powell was inspired to write her Julie & Julia after she took up the task of cooking all the recipes in Julia Child’s cookbook. You do not have to take up a yearlong cooking challenge. Go out for a meal, try to cook a new dish or eat your mother’s cooking to get inspired.


Most of the time writer’s block is due to the brain getting overactive. When you have too much on your plate, your brain cannot focus enough to produce good writing. With the help of meditation, you can calm your mind and focus your brain activity into writing. You do not need complicated yoga poses to meditate. Just sit down, close your eyes and breathe slowly.


Documenting current affairs is an easy writing task. When you are faced with a block, writing about any current event can get your wheels moving. News can also help you get sources to back your writing. Look for news which you can relate to what you are writing and include it.


For pastoral writers, like Edmund Spenser, drew inspiration from nature and rural life. By going to a park or going on a hike, you can get a taste of the natural surroundings. The peace of being away from the city and your observations of the natural environment can be something to start writing about.


A walk down memory lane is a therapeutic experience. Whether your past has been happy or troubled, going back to the memories can help bring closure or joy. Go back to your old room, visit some old friends, read an old book or go through your childhood photos. All of these jogs down memory lane will help you find something you want to express using your words. Even if the exercise does not help you complete your essay, it will clear your block by allowing you to write about something you are passionate about.

Writing is a form of creativity which one cannot force. If you are unable to get a good piece of writing done, find a muse and give yourself some time. A clear head and some inspiration are what you need to write successfully.