iShareMem App – Share Precious Moments Privately | NewsWatch Review


We never want to forget life’s special occasions, cataloging every moment with tons of photos. Sharing these moments with each other can be difficult and even time-consuming. Especially from Android to iOS or vice versa.

Well, a new photo sharing app called iShareMem allows you to share all of your precious moments privately as they happen. To get started all you have to do is simply create an event, invite your friends and family, and start sharing your memories in real time.

So say you’re going on a vacation with a group of friends, everyone can download the app, and share the pictures from the vacation with each other as they happen. You’ll never have to wait around or remind people to share their photos, meaning you’re not annoying people and they’re not annoying you.

But not only do you get the instant gratification by sharing and receiving your photos as soon as they happen, but you can also organize and sort the pictures by who took them and when they took them.

So you’ll never have to guess who a picture is from or when it took place. Aside from making the special events in your life that much easier, iShareMem also makes you in control of your privacy, which is oftentimes missing from other picture-sharing apps and social media.

iShareMem lets you take charge of your photos by allowing you to make your pictures private with the tap of a button. So say you accidentally upload a selfie that you don’t want anyone to see, you can immediately remove it from the event, making it only available for you to view. But one really unique feature with iShareMem is the Dynamic Digital Menu which allows you to cast any event to the big screen.

The possibilities with this feature are endless. So if you want to start sharing your precious moments as they happen, you need iShareMem.

Learn more about iShareMem by heading to today. Or you can download it from the Google Play or App Store.