Green City Living – Reusable Sandwich Bags | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

There’s probably no one more powerful than a mom on a mission. So when Kathy Rohret saw there weren’t reusable sandwich bags – especially ones that kept her children’s lunch fresh – she decided to do something about it.

Green City Living was born with the idea that one-time plastics should be eliminated, even the so-called “small” plastics like sandwich bags.

Green Living City sells a variety of products to elevate your green footprint. Many of their reusable products are made with polyurethane laminated cotton, a food-safe fabric that keeps your food fresh all day long.

They have a variety of reusable items for you to check out, like EcoBagIt reusable sandwich and snack bags to take for lunch, bowl bonnets to cover your bowls, and EcoBaguettes to preserve your French or standard bread loaves.

Not only are these functional, but they feature a variety of fun patterns for you to pick from.

Green Living City has taken their commitment to helping people live greener even further, making reusable items like a Bacon Sponge to soak up your morning’s bacon grease, reusable coffee filters, unpaper towels, and so much more.

Everything is made right here in the U.S. Do your part to help out the planet by checking out these reusable items at today.