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What is content you ask? Well, it’s everything from social media and video to web copy and blogs. So pretty much anything your business puts online. Clever content strategies are what marketing is all about in 2019. Everything needs to align, and the writing should appeal to the audience you are targeting, or else conversion just won’t happen. Carefully considering the writing style of an overall campaign will make a difference. Marketers often make the mistake of putting all their budget into one thing, like video. But never underestimate the power of well-written content. It attracts people to your site or social accounts and can keep them coming back for more. After all who doesn’t love reading an article that educates and informs. We’ve broken down why content marketing is important below.

1. Helps Build Brand Awareness

Pushing products or business ideas can take time. You need to get consumers on your side and let them discover more and more about what you are selling. Pushing content on your various channels will help to do this. Using your social accounts, newsletters, blog, and website to create engaging, well written and useful content that relates to your brand will show your potential customers that you are present.

2. Written Content Helps SEO

Yes, a mix of marketing is important. But written marketing content is and always will be important for SEO rankings. A video ranks higher when there is written content with it. Whether that’s a script or a YouTube description using keywords this will helps drive SEO. HubSpot has an excellent blog that talks all about SEO content strategies and why written content is important for your marketing strategy.

3. Writing Helps Establish Your Business

Posting regular content lets people know what your business is about. It informs them about what you do and how you can help them. For example, the writing service regularly update the website with written blog posts about the services it provides. This drives people to the site and keeps people interested.

4. Good Content Earns Links from Other Websites

If your business updates its website with content that is relevant to your product, you can be sure that over time people will start to mention and link this content when discussing that product or service. This will improve your SERP rating.

5. Good Content Will Always be Shared

The best content will always be shared. That’s a fact. Target keywords with high search volumes. Write an attention-grabbing headline and you’ll be sure people will click to read. Or, consider using numbers, strange questions and something to intrigue people in the content and headline itself. No matter what it is, if it’s a social media post or blog post, keeping it interesting will generate shares.

6. Written Content Builds Retention

If you’re an established business then more than likely you will be looking to build and maintain customer retention. Having an excellent content strategy can help this plan. Think about your favorite brand and why it’s your favorite brand? Chances are there’s something to do with their digital strategy in there. Whether that’s a killer Instagram feed or an easy to use website. No matter what it is writing will always play a part in that. Because it keeps you interested. Shopify does an amazing job at breaking down different retention strategies in their blog post.


Never underestimate the power of well-written content. It builds a relationship with your audience and will keep them coming back to your products. If you’re just starting out then considering the tone of voice, brand guidelines and everything else you want the brand story of your business to be should be carefully mapped out before developing a marketing plan. If you’re already out there and aren’t using writing to the best of your abilities – take a step back. Review what’s working and what isn’t for your brand. Don’t be afraid to adapt and change your strategy. Your business will thank you for it.

Bio for Susan Wallace

Susan is a freelance marketer who loves content. She writes for several websites and businesses. In her articles, she has shown the job market is undergoing changes, and how students can adapt to the changing phenomena. She enjoys creating easy to digest and useful content for people.

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