Pet Evac Pak – Emergency Pack for Dogs and Cats | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

When we think of emergency preparedness, we typically think about having the essentials like water, canned food, and flashlights. But we may forget about an important part of our families when it comes to planning for emergencies – our pets.

Designed with pets in mind, Pet Evac Pak is a line of emergency packs for both dogs and cats.

Each pack contains everything you need to be prepared for an emergency, evacuation, or even when you’re just planning to travel.

There are several different high-quality packs available depending on your needs.
All packs include food, water, and first aid supplies, specifically for dogs and cats.

Packs can also be ordered with carriers for our smaller friends. These supplies are designed to keep your pet safe for up to 72 hours should something happen.

When you have to get out fast, due to fire, flood or other emergencies, they’re easy to carry. Pet Evac Paks can be stored anywhere.

Packs have a 5-year shelf life allowing you the peace of mind that you’ll always be ready in case disaster strikes.

Be your pet’s Hero and get prepared! Purchase your Pet Evac Pak today by heading to