Betting fraud is a way to have a sure win. However, it is a criminal offense. It should not be forgotten that there was a time when athletes, coaches, and referees were regularly bribed to ensure the victory of a team. The penalties for this have been significantly increased in recent years.

Definition of betting fraud

Ideally, information about what is called betting fraud in the laws is collected. A clear definition can be found in the Criminal Code, which explains what constitutes betting fraud and what circumstances must be present for it to occur. Whereas in the past only Section 22 was concerned, three other sections have now been written down which also deal with this topic.

The laws describe that it is punishable among other things for the sportsman, as well as for the coach and referee to carry out manipulation on the one hand advantage or for the benefit of third parties. It is about professional sports competition and organized sport. Influencing the opponent is also prohibited, as is influencing sports betting and the profits to be made from it.

Penalties for betting fraud

The laws provide a clear framework when there is betting fraud. For example, proven fraud may result in imprisonment of up to three years. Depending on the severity of the debt, there may be an alternative to a fine. The exact level of penalties must be examined on a case-by-case basis. A fine can only be imposed by the judge if the offense is in the low to medium range. When determining the penalty, the judge must pay attention to different details. This may have an impact on the level of penalties if there are one or more perpetrators. If several people are involved in betting fraud, the term gang betting fraud is used legally. In addition to the framework of up to three years, the laws also announce a maximum penalty. This is 5 years imprisonment.

Particularly high penalties

In most cases, betting fraud requires further offenses in order to be carried out. Bribery is just one example. Other offenses may also be committed. Other offenses may include game manipulation or sports manipulation. This may also result in a conviction of the athletes, referees or judges. Inciting such an offense is also illegal and may result in a similar level of conviction. All in all, the final result is a whole range of crimes that not only mean imprisonment for about three years but also a significant increase. Serious fraud involving significant financial gain may ultimately result in imprisonment of up to 10 years. Depending on the judge and the extent of the conviction, a fine of 50000 euros may be payable.

Assistance with detection

The increase in betting scams offers a worldwide network. The sports radar compares the odds of individual games that exist all over the world. In this way, significant deviations can be detected more quickly. This network offers two advantages. This way, fraud can be detected more quickly. IP addresses and other technical aids can often be used to find out who is responsible. Another advantage is that the bookmakers are better protected against betting fraud. Since ultimately the bookmakers are the ones who suffer and have to pay out the possibly high profits, it can be connected with a considerable financial loss.

Consumer protection

Not only the bookmakers but also the other players can suffer financial losses. If there is a scam, it is not the favorites who win, but the outsiders. Due to the low chances of winning, the odds for these teams to win are correspondingly high. However, this victory does not meet the expectations of many people, as they choose the favorite. According to the abilities of the team, a statistic is determined, which represents a basis for the odds. The bookmakers are also the victims when the game is manipulated. Otherwise, for your own protection, you should pay attention to the licenses that any serious bookmaker can prove. introduces bookmakers that can be classified as serious.

Great charm exists

Due to the ever-increasing turnover, the attraction of achieving considerable profits increases. Since betting involves choosing between low winnings and correspondingly high risk, it may be necessary to consider how the collateral can be expanded. In spite of the stimulus, you should not give in under any circumstances. Politicians are also aware of the great appeal, which is why the penalties for betting fraud and related crimes have been significantly increased. For one’s own life it is necessary to consider whether many small profits do not lead to better success. Under certain circumstances, influencing the players may not bring me the desired success, which, in addition to the crime and the corresponding penalties, may result in a financial loss for the bribes and the stakes. The joy of betting and winning only exists if it is done honestly.