Now that you have finally got your own space, it is time to let your creativity flow with interiors and furniture selection. You might have heard it a million times (no exaggeration) about how the living room reflects your social persona and how you must decorate it, keeping in mind how much you want the world to know about you. Nowadays, there are living room furniture designs that fit the need of anyone and if you do not want to adhere to a specific style, you can always mix and match.

How you decorate and arrange your living room depends on many factors but the major ones are space and your room design. You cannot cramp up a small living room with huge sectional sofas nor should you opt for just a love seat if your living room is rectangular and large. While modern theme calls for minimalist designs, you still need to make the space look comfortable and tone down the cold neutral of modern colors. Adding a bit of color too highlights the overall look. Adding pop color cushions or rugs complements the theme. Or, you can play with the decals on the wall by having quotes or silhouettes stickers on the wall or a really fancy clock.

Tips on arranging living room furniture

The highlight of every living room is the sitting arrangement and the furniture fit for it. Choosing the right sofa set online is crucial for your living room as it will help you decide about the rest of the furniture you will be able to accommodate. Besides the sofa set, you also need to focus on the arrangement of the room. Here are five essential tips on arranging your living room furniture:

  1. Freedom of movement – you cannot have a living room that makes walking around a challenge. Here you need to stop a bit and gauge the space and layout of your living room. Remember to keep enough space between the furniture and that between the furniture and the walls. Cramming everything instinctively makes the room look messy and unappealing.
  2. Conversational – since living rooms are for catching up and not for reconnaissance, your furniture should be arranged so that guests can converse with easy without having to resort to gymnastics. Sofas facing each other, or the dining table being in the line of vision of the sofa setting always help make people chat easily.
  3. Focal point – this is the highlight of the room and one that is always a conversation starter. Having a focal point in the living room also helps you arrange the rest of the furniture in accordance. Normally the fireplace or the television set is the focal point but you can play against this rule and decide to make the coffee table or the bookshelf the main attraction. This is done by making the focal point furniture different in style from the rest. Antiques are best as focal points.
  4. Defining the space – separating the casual area from the much more conversational or even the dining space is essential. While everything should be within your view, it is better you separate and define the spaces within your living room. This also helps with the space created for movement.
  5. Comfortable footing – a soft rug covering the whole area is relaxing and it can also play as the break from the neutral theme with a pop color. In fact, a rug can also play the focal point.

Remember, your living room should not look like a competition zone where the competitors are your furniture or a war between the furniture, décor and interiors. Living rooms are the spaces where you relax with friends or just lounge about so a relaxing atmosphere is required even if you jazz it up a bit. Choose styles that complement each other and highlights the overall appeal of the space.