Get Information Quickly with JotForm | Newswatch Review


When done right, online forms can help organizations in many ways, such as improving leads, signups, and applications, to name just a few. There’s an art to making these forms user-friendly and, well, not clunky.

JotForm is the easiest online form builder out there, and they’ve released a new mobile app: JotForm Mobile Forms.

There are currently over 4 and a half million people using JotForm, which means you’ve
probably already filled out one of their forms without realizing it.

JotForm Mobile Forms allows companies to work anywhere, speed up data collection, and effortlessly collaborate with teammates.

The app offers offline data collection, advanced form fields, the ability to assign forms to teammates, and more.

With offline capabilities, users can collect form responses with no internet connection. And all responses are synced when they get back online.

Users can even enable or disable form notifications, so they get reminders about what’s important and cut out the rest of the noise.

They can also share forms and submissions through email, text, and social media.

For more information on getting started with JotForm Mobile Forms, head over to JotForm’s website or find the app on the Google Play Store or the App Store.