Laugh a Little with Kids Against Maturity | Newswatch Review

Consumer Update

Are your kids bored with Apples to Apples or too young for Cards Against Humanity? We get it. There’s no happy medium. Or is there?

Kids Against Maturity is a hilarious take on this tried and true card game model with content that’s perfect for any age.

Not recommended for those that can’t take a joke, Kids Against Maturity features a core set of 500 Question and Answer cards with over 40,000 hilarious combinations.

The game is portable so can be played anywhere, party night or camping and is simple and easy to learn.

Each player gets 10 white answer cards and takes turns as the “judge” of the blue question cards.

Let’s say they pick up the blue question card and it reads “Knock, Knock. Who’s there?” Every other player would then play a white card to answer that question.

The white cards might contain funny sarcasm or even an innuendo that only mom and dad will truly get.

Whatever combo you come up with, we know it’s going to be hilarious. So unplug the TV and pull out this box of fun on your next family night.

You can purchase Kids Against Maturity by heading to or today.