Every year, the most popular mobile brands release new phones to the market, and some people immediately trash their current phones to buy one. Especially if the product release is a much-anticipated occurrence, people from all walks of life camp overnight outside outlets to get a chance to purchase the newest model.

This is a fascinating phenomenon to study. How do these companies capture the hearts of these people? What do they do to make people behave this way?

Here are some of the most ingenious methods they use to make people buy:

Good advertising

Nothing could ever beat an excellently advertised product. Mobile tech companies spare no expense when it comes to getting their new phone models in front of their consumers. Their main goal is to get people excited and intrigued enough to buy their new product. That’s why they’ll make sure that they have a creative pop up banner design and cool billboards.

Innovative feature

More often than not, these companies rely on the new feature they are releasing. It may be that the phone can capture more vivid and hi-res photos than the previous model. Or, it may be that the new phone can allow you to multitask better and open memory-intensive applications. As the years pass by, we can really see the progress that the tech industry has made when it comes to improving and making our lives more comfortable and convenient.

Sleek design

Another factor that usually pulls consumers into buying is the design. No one wants a phone that looks dated. Consumers always make sure that they are always following the latest fashion and design trends to look “modern”.


Tech industries sometimes release limited edition items to make themselves irresistible in the eyes of the consumers. These types of gadgets are usually priced at a premium. But, what’s good about these products is that it is typically for a cause. They partner up with another institution (e.g., NGOs, civil society organizations, etc.) to spread awareness about an issue.


Who doesn’t like getting items at half their actual price? Mobile and tech companies give out special discounts to increase their sales. They usually reduce the cost of the phones they released last year since the specs for these items are no longer up to date.

They also sometimes release exclusive promos. They usually have giveaways and freebies to make customers buy their products.

Niche Identity

Sometimes, the thing that attracts people is a certain prestige attached to the product. It makes them feel they belong to a community, or they have achieved a specific social status.

Great value

The best weapon they use from their arsenal is telling people they are value-for-money products. Consumers feel that it’s too good of a deal to pass up, so they buy the mobile device.

These are the top methods they use to make people buy their mobile phones. It’s no wonder they have lasted this long in the market.