Kids Love Learning with Skillmatics | NewsWatch Review

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Who says learning can’t be fun? For kids, learning is most effective when it’s integrated with play. Being actively engaged ensures that kids truly build and retain important skills.

Nobody knows this better than the folks over at Skillmatics.

After extensive research, Skillmatics’ team of educationalists have developed a wide range of learning products that build cognitive skills.

Their innovative Write & Wipe Activity Mats allow children to learn and practice key concepts – through the joy of play! There are age-appropriate themes for children between 3-9 years of age.

Each product includes a special Skilly Billy pen which allows children to wipe clean their mats so that each activity can be redone multiple times.

You can be sure that Skilly Billy will be every child’s favorite new learning companion!

Skillmatics also has wonderful travel-friendly versions which are perfect to keep children engaged while on the go!

With Skillmatics, you can be assured of hours of fun learning, from math and language to art and logic.

Discover their entire collection by searching “Skillmatics” on Amazon today!