Stack Ball is Your New Favorite Mobile Game | NewsWatch Review


A good game developer creates engaging games that make it hard to put your phone down, a great game developer is one that accomplishes this over and over.

Azur Games is an international mobile game developer and publisher with over 35 free-to-play games in their portfolio, boasting over 6 million daily active users. The majority of their games are 3D action shooters and hyper-casuals with diverse and exciting in-game worlds.

Stack Ball is one of their 3D arcade games where players smash, bump, and bounce their way through helix platforms until they reach the end. Your ball smashes like a brick through an array of colorful platforms designed to block its descent.

While most colors are free game, watch out for the black ones or else it’s game over. But here’s a tip, get on a roll and your ball will turn into an unstoppable fireball that’ll bust through any color.

With over 100 million downloads, there’s no doubt that Stack Ball is yet another smash hit for Azur Games.

You can download this wild game today by searching for “Stack Ball” in the Google Play or App Store, or to browse the rest of their games simply search for “Azur Games.”