Safe365 – Set it and Forget it, Protect Your Loved Ones with Safe365


Peace of mind comes from knowing where our loved ones are located. Safe365 was designed to put your mind to ease, allowing you to easily take care of your elderly family and friends by locating them in real-time.

There’s no need for them to be “techies.” Simply set up the app with their consent and then they can forget it.

Safe365 allows you to check in on their exact location with the help of its built-in GPS locator. If you want to know when they enter or leave a specific location, you can set the app to notify you every time.

You can save up to 9 locations like their home or doctor’s office. Safe365 also includes a panic button for your loved one to use that will send you an emergency alert right away so you can take appropriate action.

The app also offers a social and emotional side by keeping your elders in touch with their family via an infinite social feed, sharing the latest family pictures and actions.

Elders have the feeling they are connected to their family 24/7.

Download this life-saving app by searching for “Safe365” in the Google Play or App Store.