Strainprint – Take the Mystery Out of Herbal Medicine with Strainprint


Plant-based medicines are currently legal in 33 states and Washington, D.C. but it’s still a largely misunderstood subject. Patients who turn to these solutions need information and guidance and that’s what the Strainprint app provides.

Strainprint was developed for patients by patients to help you learn how to use plant-based medicines better. Once you download the app, you’ll start by selecting which symptoms you want to treat. Then you’ll create a product library of everything you own.

Next, you’re going to start tracking your intake with the provided journal feature. To encourage you to regularly track your usage, each tracked sessions earns you valuable points toward rewards, discounts, and more.

Creating this journal allows you to search back through your sessions by the effect you experienced, helping you pinpoint things like what strain made you feel more relaxed and just overall which ones made you feel better.

You can share these tracked sessions with your healthcare provider so they can assist as needed. The app has so far tracked over 1.3 million patient outcomes and is used throughout Canada in Shoppers Drug Marts.

To download the free app today, search for “Strainprint” in the Google Play or App Store.