The Night Caddy – Keep it Organized at Your Beside with The Night Caddy

Consumer Update

It’s almost back to school time and that means it’s time to get ready and tick off those shopping list items.

If you got any college-bound kids then you’re going to want to make sure they’re all set to move into their dorm. The Night Caddy is the perfect bedside storage solution for anyone dealing with a smaller living space.

This little guy attaches to the side of your bed to provide a space for all of your nightly essentials in separate compartments.

The multiple-compartment design allows you to fit anything you might want next to your bed at night including your remote, a book, magazine, beverage, snack and of course, your phone.

The Night Caddy includes a dual-USB charger that allows you to easily charge your phone and one other device overnight. Now, not all beds are the same and that was taken into consideration when designing this handy bedside organizer.

It fits just about any bed and even features a rotatable body to adjust accordingly. And no tools are required for assembly.

Its customizable design also means The Night Caddy can be used in more than just the bedroom – think RVs and boats.

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