iPhones are part of the best smartphones to get, there is no denying that fact. That is why we always await the release of the latest model of the phone each year. However, this year all seem to be quietthe and we are now worried as to when we will be getting the new set of iPhones.

When is iPhone 11 going to be released?

So far, we have heard a lot about Samsung and not much about the iPhone.  As well all know the long rival between iPhone and Samsung to be the best. That is why every year we expect at least one new smartphone from both of the tech geniuses. However, this year we have only received Samsung’s and not the iPhones.

Samsung has graced us with the release of 3 new smartphones to the family. Namely the Note 10, Note 10 plus as well as the Note 10 5G. That is a lot of phones, but well since the competition is Apple, we are couldn’t have asked for anything less.

However, despite all this hullabaloo about the latest release of Samsung’s, Apple still keeps its silence. Like the calm before the storm, so now everyone is asking when will get the latest iPhone? We are so desperately craving a new Apple device to try our gambling sites games on.

September Maybe?

Avid followers of the iPhone believe that the next set of smartphones by Apple will be released in September. Sounds a bit random, but it isn’t. Allow us to give a history lesson as to why they assume that the latest iPhone will be released in September.

Please bear in mind that September is just a guess, but it is a guess based on a bit of research. For the past years September has been the month when the iPhone shows up. We can bet now that perhaps they will release a new iPhone. From 2012 through to 2018, the company has released a new iPhone or set of phones during this month. And we of just guessing that with this year, it also be the case. However, as we said earlier, this is just a guess so we will just have to wait and see.