Choosing a safe betting site is a challenging yet necessary process if you want to become a successful sports punter. Not only do you get better odds and quicker payment from the best bookies, but they also listen to your complaints and act on them fast. Below is a checklist of the six most crucial things to look out for in a betting platform.

#1: Betting Markets Offered

If you’re like many bettors, one of the essential features of a betting site is the list of games offered and their odds. You want to wager on a site that supports your favourite sports. It should also provide value better odds than regular companies.

In that case, ensure you scrutinize bookmakers’ betting market. If you prefer live-betting to pre-match wagering, prioritize checking odds displayed on the in-play section. If you’re into eSports, confirm the site provides markets for the nascent sport.

While evaluating sports offered, check the exact wagers bookies place on their games. Some sites only provide basic betting options like straight wins and over/under wagers. By contrast, the best platforms feature comprehensive lists of bets under each game.

#2: Web Interface and Uptime

Although some sites are stuck with dated web designs and websites that load painfully slow, most bookies have upped the ante in that department. Modern bookmakers feature elegantly done web interfaces. They load within three seconds and display betting markets into neatly organized categories.

Still, you should test each site you come across for loading speed and ease of use. If you have difficulties finding games and odds, examine a different website. A good maker designs their websites in such a user-friendly way that betting is the easiest part of using their platforms.

If the site looks good and loads fast, examine its ability to handle an uptick of customers during peak hours. You’ve probably experienced this frustration before. A site runs its software smoothly most of the times. But when there’s a popular game that everyone is interested in, the platform crashes.

A site that crashes regularly can cost you plenty of valuable games. It could also force you to make a mistake or bet on a team you initially didn’t plan to bet on. As such, look beyond the web design when evaluating a site to join. Try using the site at different times of the day to find out whether it’s reliable.

#3: Mobile Betting

Mobile gaming is all the rage these days. It’s bigger than PC gaming in terms of the number of players involved and will continue expanding as more people purchase smartphones. You probably rely on your mobile device to check emails and play a few mobile games after work.

Most betting sites are also mobile-responsive. So, when looking for a trustworthy bookmaker, make sure its website works on android and iOS devices. You don’t need to download a mobile app to access betting services on mobile devices.

With most new sites, you can access their services through your mobile browsers. But because apps tend to load faster and may come with intuitive features, the top bookmakers also avail apps you can download. From Ladbrokes to Bet365, 1XBet to bet-at-home, find a comprehensive list of the best betting apps on

#4: License and Security Certificates

While the most popular betting sites are licensed, not every online bookmaker is regulated. A license offers assurance that the company is recognized as a legitimate sportsbook provider in a specific country.

In the UK, betting sites acquire licenses from Gibraltar or the UK Gambling Commission. In Australia, most companies get registration from the Northern Territory Government. In the US, licenses vary from state to state.

Regardless, don’t deposit money on an unlicensed betting site. They may allow you to deposit and withdraw small sums of cash. But they show their true colours when you win substantial amounts of cash and request withdrawals.

Besides registration, you should bet on a site secured with SSL encryption. This way, your personal information is never leaked while using the site. Password protection should also be compulsory. With the best website, you also receive unique passwords that you must enter before withdrawing money.

#5: Read Online Reviews

Many bookmakers have problems with paying out winners. Accusations of withholding players’ money plague Even the most established platforms. Before you make your first top-up to a site, examine it thoroughly for its ability to process people’s payments.

Read online reviews to compare players’ experiences on different sites. Avoid platforms with overwhelmingly negative reviews and pick those with above-average or stellar ratings. Most sites always have someone that didn’t like their platform. So, don’t avoid every site because of the presence of a few poor reviews.

#6: Examine Bonuses and Limits

Huge bonuses can be tempting, but don’t use them as your only judgment of a betting site. A small free bet on a website that allows you to withdraw the money is better than a bountiful amount of money you’ll never live to enjoy.

Most bookie bonuses have qualification terms and wagering requirements. Because of this, always read the fine prints of free bets before you can accept them.  Depositing money to the site is one of the qualifications of acquiring free betting money.

Learn about the deposit and withdrawal limits before you top up your account. Some sites set small deposit limits but slap you with restrictive withdrawal minimum terms. This way, you must win vast sums of money to withdraw your wins.

Related to deposits and withdrawals, check the fees charged by bookies. The best sites offer free deposits and withdrawals. But with most websites, you may be required to pay withdrawal fees.

To Conclude

If you want to find a safe site, make sure it’s done more than acquired a license. Check the markets it provides daily. Compare its banking options and fees. Does the bookmaker offer mobile betting? Is it reputable on online forums? Look beyond the security certificates and also examine bookmakers for their betting experiences.